Ann Childress

Ann Childress Artwork 1

Note Holder

Ann Childress Artwork 3

Honey Jar

Small Hearts - Ann Childress

Galax Leaf Dish – 3.25″ x 3.25″

Ann Childress

I enjoy creating utilitarian pottery that functions as fine art for daily use. The beauty of the natural world influences many of the design elements in my work.

I studied pottery at Florida State University and the University of Tennessee. In my formal career, I worked for the National Park Service for more than 30 years, with work assignments on the Atlantic coast and along the Appalachian mountains.

Now retired, I enjoy making pottery in my Hillsville, VA studio and teaching pottery classes in Galax at the Chestnut School of the Arts.

To purchase my work, please call 910-200-9312.

Additional pieces of my work can be seen at my website.